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All posts in July, 2008

Maybe we can finally pray the way we believe, Lex orandi, lex credendi.  Ever since the Mass was hurriedly translated we’ve had to deal with banality.  Hopefully we can have liturgy that uplifts us to God instead of bringing Him down to ours.  Some of the changes are in this Catholic World News : Vatican approves new English translation for Mass article.  I hope there are many more good ones, especially the Gloria, the translation we have now id pretty bad and is barely recognizable next to the Latin, which we should be using anyway since Vatican II says that we should be able to sing or say the prayers in Latin.  Ever since I actually read Sacrosanctum Concilium I wondered where I can assist at the Mass called for in the document, maybe we will finally get a little closer.

We all need to heed Pope Benedict XI – Pope Warns Youth Against Self-Absorption – NYTimes.com & Pope Calls for a ‘New Age’ in Final Australia Mass – NYTimes.com.  He gave some encouraging and strengthening words in his final address to hundreds of thousands of young Catholics.  He urged to youth to change this age and become liberated from shallowness, apathy, and self absorption.

This Catholic World News : Filipino archbishop bars pro-abort pols from Communion article is very good news.  If only the US Bishops could enforce it in this country.  The Eucharist should be protected and loved.

If this article – Catholic World News : Pope weighing changes in Novus Ordo?  – is true, we are seeing signs of the renewal needed for the church.  After 40 years in the desert after Vatican II we may be entering the promised land!  Once something has gone way off track, it usually is very hard to get it back on track.  Let us pray that the Holy Father does what is required.