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All posts in November, 2008

For some reason, abortion is considered a women’s issue.   It really goes to show you that rhetoric, the way language is used, the way an argument is framed, can really mess up what people believe.  Maybe people tend to be lazy and don’t really want to think about the reality of things.  In all actuality it is mainly a children’s issue, they are one that get’s the worst of it.  The wrong thinking begins with the purpose of the marital act.  The purpose is rooted in natural law.  The nature of the act is procreation of children and the uniting of the couple.  When this natural law is not adhered to, you get wrong beliefs which end up with people making bad decisions, which in this case ends up in the death of a child.  So, since it takes two to make one,  both will be emotionally affected.  The man does get hurt also.   The Catholic Answers Radio program covered this issue on 11/14/2008, you can listen from the website or from this direct mp3 link (you’ll have to right click and hit Save as).