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All posts in January, 2009

Change for the worse, for sure.  Change is not always good.  The people that wanted change got it.   President Obama will now allow funding to facilitate abortions all over the world.  Pray for all the souls that will be involved in this evil.  Below are links to some articles on the issue. 

US bishops write president-elect; fundamental priority: defend right to life

House Republicans ask Obama to disavow ‘FOCA agenda’

Here are some great new stories about abortion and the new president.

Bishop: FOCA Would Translate into Hatred for Unborn

Catholics Remember Roe v. Wade, Look to defeat FOCA

Jurist Predicts “Terrible Conflict” Will Endanger U.S. Catholics’ Religious Freedom

Bishops Call on Obama Not to Abandon Bush Pro-life Policies

U.S. Bishops to President-elect: Fundamental Priority, Defend Life

News article – APOSTOLIC VISITATION DEEMS US SEMINARIES GENERALLY HEALTHY, NOTES NUMEROUS PROBLEMS notes that there is still “an “insufficient grasp” of Catholic teaching and the distinction between the common priesthood of the faithful and the hierarchal priesthood is blurred.   Some religious institutes speak primarily of “ministry” rather than the priesthood in a “mistaken attempt” not to offend opponents of Catholic teaching on women’s ordination.”  This, I think, is a big problem where it is a problem.  This really needs to be corrected, too bad that it will take until to bishops from the “60’s” retire or die.

Siting the separation of the procreative and unitive aspect of the marital act, one of the scientists regrets taking part in the creation of the evil pill.  He realizes it has caused the population shortage around the world.

Birth Control Pill Inventor Laments Demographic “Catastrophe”

This is a great explanation by the Holy Father about the stars on this Feast of Epiphany. 

Pontiff Says People Aren’t Governed by the Stars, Reiterates Galileo’s Thought on Cosmos