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All posts in October, 2008

Check out this article on Voting and Fear

Here are some very good links to information to help you inform your mind on the upcoming election.

Please consider praying an Election novena

Bishop warns about voting.



Elections, Voting and Morality


Archbishop Chaput’s Pro-life Remarks


A Politician’s Promise: No Right to Life! No Freedom!

Bishops: Catholics Have Moral Obligation to Reverse Roe

Pastoral Letter of Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton

Go Bishops, Go! Finally standing up for life

Bishop Shows-up at Election Forum, Defends Church’s Abortion Stance

Voting Pro-Abortion Called Cooperating in Evil

Archbishop of San Antonio: Is Abortion Solely a Catholic Issue?

The Ignatius Insight just published an article from Fr. Basil Cole Music and Spirituality | Fr. Basil Cole, O.P. | Ignatius Insight | Ignatius Insight that is very insightful and very much needed in this Society Gone Madd!  I’ve read his book Music and Morals which really helped me, he is just awesome.  Now he connects Music and Spirituality to the tune of St Thomas Aquinas – my favorite saint.  Part of spirituality is using your mind, but people today seem to believe whatever they feel is ok.  When music (or any of the arts, I believe) causes feeling a certain way for a prolonged period of time it is bound to have it’s effects.  Please consider reading the article (which I think can be applied to all forms of the arts), it may change your life, like his book Music and Morals did mine.