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All posts in August, 2008

In the vision of Fatima, Mary told the children we need to pray or the errors of communism would spread, and it has.  The Democrats want to control our lives because they know better.  Some examples are in this article.  We need to pray the rosary and pray it often.

Catholic Culture : Catholic World News Feature Stories hopefully will clear up or at least inspire some of the faithful to form their consciences and vote according to church teaching.  We need the bishops to all come out very forcefully so that the faithful at least hear them.  Our country, our lives, and our future rely on it.  Consult Voters Guide for Serious Catholics to form your conscience.

The article Recycling the Myths of Abortion History on First Things shows how people lie or at least believe the lies, unknowingly or not, come to very wrong conclusions.  Knowing the truth is imperative to analyzing and coming to the right conclusions.  The re-writing of history in most of our colleges is a very big problem.  It’s not only history that gets re-written, even the current days news gets skewed and the ideology of the day takes precedence over reporting what actually has happened.  We need to get back to telling the objective truth on everything that happens and that will take people that are willing to abandon their opinion and just report the facts.

Catholic World News (CWN) reported on a recently discovered letter sent to bishops to prepare them for Humanae Vitae.   It really sheds light into some of the possibilities of what happened.  It seems like many of the bishops didn’t heed the letter or priests ignored the bishops pleas.  Maybe we are passed what happened since the sixties and so eloquently put in psalm 95:10 – “Forty years I endured that generation. They are a people whose hearts go astray and they do not know my ways . . .”