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The Pope’s comments On Entering Lent are very profound. The part I found very instructive when he said “It means to enter into a time of particular commitment in the spiritual combat that opposes us to the evil present in the world, in each one of us and around us. It means to look evil in the face and dispose oneself to fight against its effects, above all against its causes, right up to its ultimate cause, Satan. It means not unloading the problem of evil onto others, onto society, onto God, but recognizing one’s own responsibility and consciously taking it upon oneself.”

I finally found an article that confirms something I have thought for a while. Zenit’s article Female Objectification Not All Fault of Men is an excellent article on how women have presented themselves as objects after the misguided so-called 60’s feminist revolution. Before the sixties women were treated very wonderful and put on a pedestal above men, but after the sixties they lowered themselves and became more animal like, more basic like men are. I have always thought that part of the reason women thought they needed to rebel is that even though men cherished women they didn’t convey that fact to women and that led them to a faulty conclusion.

Zenit has an excellent article about a baby that survived and abortion. Abortion-Survivor Finds a Home

I think Pope Benedict made an excellent suggestion on what alot of us need to do in this day and age of bombardment of words and images. Read Zenit’s News article Lent a Time to Fast From Words and Images

Well, I will begin this early Ash Wednesday (I heard it was not going to be this early until 160 years from now – I haven’t verified this yet but I believe it’s possible) with an explanation of one of the traditions of Lent – giving something up for the 40 days of Lent. Most people tend to give up something like candy, smoking, or liquor for the 40 days of Lent. Which is an excellent excercise in self-denial. Some people even decide to save the money they don’t spend on whatever they gave up and donate it to the poor. That is good but, I would like to challenge you to what I believe could be a little better spiritually. I think there is a higher purpose for this practice. What I always try to do is pick something spiritual or something you want to change but with the intention to continue the practice after Lent is over. If you have trouble praying daily, begin to pray everyday and after the forty days the habit will be developed and it should be easier to continue the practice even after Lent. If you annoy your wife or mother by leaving your clothes in the wrong place or all over the place, make it a point to pick them up and put them in the right place for lent with the intention to continue the practice after Lent is over.

I think you get the point now, Lent is about changing our own life. Not just for Lent but for the rest of your life.
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